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Sender : ClVRTTmsZWk
El Hamdou Lilleh the parable of Mawlana Rumi used by a wise shiakh called Addul Hakim Murad in context will always reach your heart, whatever person you are, the better the state of you heart is the more sensitive you will be by the grace of Allah.Wal Hamdou Lilleh
Send Date : 25.07.2013 18:40
Sender : raimar
Most impressive and inspiring website on the web!

Gerçekten en güzel bir web sayfasi .... Tebrikler!

Send Date : 19.11.2009 02:48
Sender : Seema Arif
Blessed are the people who spend their life in cause of Love.
May God's love be with all who have made this beautiful site and may Allah empower all to make it more beautiful and resourceful for the help and guidance of everyone on the way of love.
Send Date : 11.08.2009 19:17
Sender : osiris
Thank you brothers and sisters for this wonderful inspiring site.
Send Date : 24.04.2009 01:39
Sender : Syed Salman Chishty
Thanks for posting our Sufi festival news .
Peace ,Dua's n Blessings from
Ajmer Sharif - The blessedseat of Chishty Sufi Order .
Send Date : 16.03.2009 17:30
Sender : Shagufta hussein
17th Dec 1273 Malvana took leave from this world

When I am asleep and crumbling in the tomb by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
When I am asleep and crumbling in the tomb, should you come
to visit me, I will come forth with speed.
You are for me the blast of the trumpet and the resurrection,
so what shall I do? Dead or living, wherever you are, there am I.
Without your lip I am a frozen and silent reed; what melodies
I play the moment you breathe on my reed!
Your wretched reed has become accustomed to your sugar lip;
remember wretched me, for I am seeking you.
When I do not find the moon of your countenance, I bind up
my head [veil myself in your mourning]; when I do not find your
sweet lip, gnaw my own hand
Send Date : 17.12.2008 13:53
Sender : MK
Blessed be you brothers of the Mevlevi Sufi path.

This site is a great. I like the music very much.

Include more photos to your site.

Inspiration and Gods blessings to you all


Send Date : 21.11.2008 21:11
Sender : Ahmad Ibrahim

so much thanks to all you kind people,


Send Date : 23.10.2007 09:53
Sender : MCX

thank you....

Send Date : 14.05.2007 15:14
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